About Edama


EDAMA in Arabic means “sustainability”. EDAMA Association is a Jordanian NGO established in 2009. As a Business Association, we are here to cultivate an environment where innovative solutions for energy and water independence and environmental conservation emerge.

Advancing Jordan’s movement towards a green economy is an ambitious and priority goal. To be achieved, we need robust knowledge hubs, multi- stakeholder dialogue avenues, and private sector mobilization. EDAMA’s niche is in providing a platform agile and inclusive enough to involve a large number of public, private and NGO sector representatives. These key players together discuss and shape the future development of the Energy, water, and Environment (EWE) sectors in Jordan.

Our Mission

To maximize the business viability and potential in the Energy, Water and Environment sectors. We do so to enable the growth and maturation of a resilient private sector that plays a leadership role in securing Jordan’s energy and water independence, and conserving Jordan’s environment.

Our Vision

We envision Jordan as the regional hub and successful model for green growth. EDAMA is the NGO recognized for creating a thriving green economy, where businesses are empowered to play a leadership role in transforming Jordan’s energy, water, waste, food and transport systems.