letter from chairman

letter from chairman Dr. Dureid Mahasneh

Dear readers,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all on behalf of the Board of Directors of EDAMA Association to present our annual report for the year 2018.

It was a very purposeful and fruitful year in which we witnessed many achievements at various levels. we have seen competitive rates obtained for direct draft submissions/Third stage. Through this year, Jordan has made significant strides towards self-reliance, as electricity production from local renewable resources has reached nearly 8% after connecting 540 megawatts to the grid throughout the year. Among 103 countries from around the world, Jordan has been listed as the third best renewable energy investment environment and has signed the Energy Charter as the first Arab country to join a global agreement of this kind.

As for EDAMA, it continued its relentless efforts to develop a permanent dialogue with the sector regulators to insure the support of the private sector and the enhancement of the investment environment as a whole. EDAMA held a significant number of events, open discussions and training workshops. Also, it continued to strengthen its partnerships with all the concerned parties and implemented several strategic projects that were considered as main contributors to supporting Jordan’s drive towards a green sustainable economy.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and other partners in the sector, EDAMA participated in reviewing Renewable Energy Plan for the years 2018-2023, evaluating the procedures of securing tax and customs exemptions in renewable energy projects and providing remarks on the proposal of the general Electricity Act of the parliamentary energy committee after consultation with members and experts in the sector.

On the level of communication among the members, EDAMA held four working breakfasts, through which it attracted a number of decision-makers and officials to discuss the latest developments concerning energy, water, and environment sectors. It also held four open discussions at the association headquarter to exchange views on several issues. As well as providing training programs to 126 specialists that focus on solid waste management and financing, operating and maintaining photovoltaic power plants.

We, the board of EDAMA Association, always look forward to continue supporting the energy, water, and environment sectors, strengthening the role of business community and working with you to build on what has been achieved and move on towards enhancing Jordan’s status on the green economy map.