Our Work


EDAMA was established simultaneously alongside the initiation of the Energy, Water and Environment (EWE) Sectors in Jordan, emitting out of deep believe in the key importance of clean water and affordable energy to a quality life. EDAMA has acknowledged this importance, particularly on the levels of raising awareness on the one side and advocating for changed legislations and policies towards transformation to green economy, on the other side. We, at EDAMA, persevere to ensure our members’ voices are heard across decision making arenas, while bridging gaps between the public and private sectors. We are conducting focus groups, producing white papers to guide and inform and position papers in support of this transition towards a flourishing green economy and better lives throughout generations to come. Our methodology incorporates bringing together companies and corporations to enable them influence the direction of the Energy Sector in Jordan.


EDAMA is a business-model association, established in 2009, with 96 members. EDAMA’s foremost goal is to promote members’ involvement in the green sector by recognizing and facilitating opportunities in that direction. We, at EDAMA, ensure that our members are fully aware of the services that are being provided by government authorities and other civil sector and non-governmental organizations, with the aim to support them into excelling as key players in the green sector. We shall not deter nor spare any efforts in matching private sector companies with suitable services to their respective needs.


EDAMA’s networking events are major pillars through which EDAMA works as a hub and professional platform for stakeholders and experts to meet and discuss important matters pertaining to the Green Sector. EDAMA is therefore very much focused on bringing together Green Sector companies to mingle and network with members and vital target groups to promote and maximize cooperation and collaboration.  EDAMA’s Power Breakfast is one of its main and most popular events, due to its significant success. Each power breakfast hosts a large number of key stakeholders in the green industry who come together to discuss hot issues and topics of the hour.


EDAMA’s Training Academy provides local and international certified courses that meet market needs. We are committed to bridging training gaps in the energy sector, by instilling required skills sets and competencies in areas of energy, waste and environment; in addition to the provision of qualitative capacity building and introducing development programs to members and non-members. The Training Academy’s mission is to host and provide quality educational courses and professional development opportunities related to the Energy, Water, and Environment (EWE) sectors in Jordan. Through the Academy, EDAMA aims to contribute to sector growth and help individuals and companies expand their knowledge base and areas of work. EDAMA recognizes the need to empower different actors in the market such as technicians, engineers, senior management, executives and other vital players.