Partner with EDAMA


EDAMA would like to partner with training providers in delivering high quality training programs in the following fields that meets market needs and requirements.

Training providers are encouraged to propose training modules or programs that are internationally or locally certified in the following fields:

Topics / ModulesGeneral OutcomesTargeted groups
1Installation, commissioning and maintenance of Solar (PV) SystemsThe trainee should be able to fully establish an installation plan and to supervise the process for different systems scale.Recently graduated Engineers
2Design of large/small to medium scale Solar (PV) Systems – simulationThe trainee should be able to calculate the energy yield and performance ratio for PV plant.

The trainee should be able to design and use fluently design software for large/ small to medium scale PV system.

Mid – senior level Engineers
3Solar (PV) Systems Technical SalesThe trainee should understand all different options available to customers and Home owners, in the renewable market, help them understand the benefits and enable them to make all important payback period calculations.Sales Engineers / sales personnel

Junior – mid level

4Energy Efficiency (ISO: Energy Management systems, BMS, auditing)The trainee should understand different techniques based on the proposed module (auditing and commissioning tools, BMS software, ISO procedures)Depends on the module proposed.

Mid – Senior level

5Energy ReporterThe trainee should be able to identify the most important news developments in the sector and be able to report them correctly and accuratelyReporters specialized in the EWE sectors
6 Geothermal EnergyThe trainee should understand the basics of geothermal exploration, drilling and production / development techniques are also introduced, including those of geothermal reservoir engineering. The different geothermal energy utilization and conversion methods and the issues affiliated with geothermal energy developmentJunior – mid level Engineers
7Green InfrastructureUnderstand the strategic planning and managing network techniques of open spaces, natural lands, wildlife habitats, parks, and other assets. This should include the training should cover:

  • The evaluation of areas’ green infrastructure
  • The integration of Green Infrastructure techniques in the planning phase.
Mid – senior level engineers
8Environmental Impact AssessmentThe trainee should understand the methodology of environmental impact assessment (EIA) as a vital tool for sound environmental management and decision-making. Providing an overview of the concepts, methods, issues and various forms and stages of the EIA process.Environmental, civil, energy engineers.

Mid – Senior level engineers

9Renewable Energy Management and FinanceThe training should fully equip delegates with the latest information on financing all types of renewable energy projects to allow them to continue to participate successfully in the Renewables Industry, both in Jordan and internationally. The course is applicable to those with a basic and advanced understanding of the sector, considering the initial concept design through to final completion.Mid – Senior level engineers, Managers
10Energy Laws and RegulationsThe trainee should be equipped with a holistic understanding of the Jordanian laws and regulations related to the Energy sector affecting the Jordanian market, economy and growth of the sector.Energy, electrical, mechanical engineers.

Mid – Senior level managers and engineers

11Battery Storage SystemsThe trainee should be provided with in-depth analysis of the issues surrounding the use of energy storage systems (ESS) for residential and commercial PV applications up to 100 kW/150 kWh. It should cover battery system design, specification, use and maintenance.Mid – Senior level managers and engineers
12Energy Innovation and Emerging TechnologiesTrainees must get introduced to the following:

  • Developments in energy marketing and technology
  • Fundamentals of how each technology works and the relevant economics
  • Insights to what knowledge and experience lead to success in the industry
  • Opportunities for investments and partnerships with energy companies
  • Outlooks from experts on the entire energy landscape
All energy, electrical RE, and mechanical engineers


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