Request for Proposals (RFPs) Opportunities List

The following is a list of Requests for proposals and/ or Requests for quotations that are currently provided by EDAMA Association or that are related to the Energy and Environment sector in Jordan

We welcome companies and consultants to bid for proposals that believe to be fit with the description; the formal RFPs or RFQs and the points of contacts for opportunities are advertised below

Open RFPs


Tender Announcement-External Auditor

Announcement: August 17, 2022 // Final Subbmission on: September 11, 2022

EDAMA for Energy, Water and Environment, Jordanian partner of Med4Waste, has launched a call for External Auditor.

To be submitted before 16:00, August 29th, 2022 via email: (info@edama.jo).

shall you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to email us at:  info@edama.jo  , Med4Waste tender to be mentioned on the subject line.


Download RFP from the Google Drive link


دعوة للمنحة الفرعية لمشروع SIRCLES

Announcement: September 1, 2022 // Final Subbmission on: October 23, 2022

أطلق مشروع SIRCLES الممول من الاتحاد الأوروبي دعوة للحصول على منح فرعية لمؤسسات إدارة النفايات الحيوية الجديدة أو القائمة في الأردن ، في الأول من سبتمبر 2022.

الهدف من المنح الفرعية هو دعم الشركات الجديدة أو القائمة في الأردن باتباع نموذج أعمال الاقتصاد الدائري في مجال إدارة النفايات الحيوية. لذلك يجب أن تساهم جميع المشاريع المقترحة في زيادة فرص العمل الخضراء ، لا سيما للفئات / الفئات الاجتماعية الأقل حظا المعرضة لخطر الاستبعاد الاجتماعي(مثل NEET والنساء)

سيتم فتح التطبيقات للكيانات القانونية الموجودة في الأردن لتمكينها من تطوير أو إنشاء مؤسسات في قطاع إدارة النفايات الحيوية باتباع نموذج أعمال الاقتصاد الدائري.

** تم فتح التقديم  في الأول من سبتمبر 2022. الموعد النهائي لهذه المكالمة هو 23 أكتوبر 2022.


Circular Economy and Waste Management Policy Officer

Announcement: September 4, 2022 // Final Subbmission on: September 22, 2022

Mediterranean Dialogue for Waste Management Governance (MED4WASTE)


Circular Economy and Waste Management Policy Officer Tender Dossier and Declaration on Honor

Deadline to apply for the tender extended to 22 September 2022, Thursday

Google Drive Link

1.    About the Project:

Key Information:

Acronym: MED4WASTE.

Full title: Mediterranean Dialogue for Waste Management Governance.

Thematic objective: Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation (Address common challenges in environment).

Priority: Reduce municipal waste generation and promote source separated collection and the optimal exploitation of its organic component.


Partners: University of Vic – Central University of Catalunya, Spain, Jordan, Lebanon, Italy, Spain, Tunisia, and Greece.

Project Duration: 24 Months.

Project Start Date: 1st October 2021 – Project End Date: 30th September 2023.


Call for Sub-Grant for the SIRCLES Project

Announcement: September 1, 2022 // Final Subbmission on: October 23, 2022

The EU-funded SIRCLES project is launching call for sub-grants for new or existing bio-waste management enterprises in Jordan, opend on September 1st, 2022. 

The aim of the sub-grants is to support new or existing enterprises in Jordan following a circular economy business model in the field of biowaste management. All proposed projects must therefore contribute to increase green employment opportunities, especially for vulnerable social groups/groups at risk of social exclusion (i.e., NEET and women). 

Applications will open for legal entities based in Jordan to enable them to develop or create enterprises in the biowaste management sector following a circular economy business model. 


**The call will open on September 1st, 2022. The deadline for this call is October 23rd, 2022. 

For full details on eligibility criteria and application please follow (drive link)