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Auditors Tender Announcement / SIRCLES Project

Announcement: June 25, 2021 // Final Subbmission on: July 5, 2021

SUPPORTING CIRCULAR ECONOMY OPPORTUNITIES FOR EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIAL INCLUSION project for promotion of social inclusion and fight against poverty promote economic and social development.

(SIRCLES, B_A.3.1_0157)

EDAMA Association for Energy and Water and Environment partner

From SIRCLES PROJECT (SUPPORTING CIRCULAR ECONOMY OPPORTUNITIES FOR EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIAL INCLUSION) is looking for: external auditor to take charge of the validation and certification of the expenses incurred by EDAMA   within the framework of the project. This notice is addressed to chartered Audit Company meeting the criteria cited in the terms of reference approved by EDAMA ASSOCIATION, to submit the verification of expenditure and income reports to EDAMA in accordance with the procedure of expenditure verification described in the audit file.

Submission procedures:

Interested Consultants should send their proposal and price offer. (In Euro) to the EDAMA ASSOCIATION, for the following the submission is presented in one-step. It includes the technical offer and the financial offer, as well as   all the documents and documents requested in the terms of reference Please send offers to the following email: INFO@EDAMA.JO by 5th July  ,2021 12:00 am CET.


Useful information:




Total budget of the project € 3,856,852.20
Budget allocated to EDAMA (PP5) € 420,528,60
  ENI       contribution 90%
EDAMA contribution 10%



Start date Project duration
9/2/2021 30(MONTHS)