Job Openings

General Manager /Executive Director

The General Manager/Executive Director will operate under the direction of the Chairman and the Board of Directors and will lead and manage and oversee generally the administration and the daily business of the Association and perform such other functions (if any) as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.

For full job description, refer to the link above.

Skills & Qualifications

The successful candidate ideally should have:

  • A proven management and leadership experience in a member association, or an SME.
  • A degree-level qualification or demonstrable experience covering the required competencies.
  •  Experience in a Corporate Governance role and familiarity with good corporate governance practice.
  • Understanding of the EWE sectors with experience of working with some of the principal stakeholders in the sector and in the relevant Government Departments.
  • Ability to work under the general direction of the Chairman and Board of Directors of EDAMA and in cooperation with the Management Executive Committee.
  • Ability to read financial analysis and financial statements.
  • Time Management Skill
  •  Strong Analytical Skills.
  • Planning & Monitoring Skills


  • Post Graduate degree in Energy, Water, Engineering etc.
  • Fluent in English & Arabic Languages Experience
  • At least +10 years of experience.
  • 8 years in the Environment & Sustainable Energy Sectors with National or International bodies


  •  Leadership and Strategic Direction
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  •  Management and Delivery of Results
  •  Building Relationships and Communication
  • Specialist Knowledge, Expertise and Self-Development
  • Personal Energy and Drive
  • Commitment to good Ethical Behaviour
  • Ability to clearly communicate the Ethical Environmental Standards to colleagues and employees

Additional Personal Qualities

  • Analytical Abilities and Problem-Solving Skills
  • Personal Effectiveness, energy, resilience and impact to engage credibly with stakeholders at all levels
  • Ability to work in a co-operative manner, in a teamwork environment
  • Have or be able to acquire in a short period, a thorough knowledge of the remit of the job
  • Be able to provide quality briefing, presentations, and interviews as needed
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Be self-reliant and capable of performing under pressure
  • Have experience of involvement in successful research programmes