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Improving Solid Waste Management in the Hotel Industry at Aqaba

Posted on: March 12th, 2019 by media

EDAMA had the honor of executing the “Improving Solid Waste Management in the Hotel Industry at Aqaba” & Development of a National Solid Waste Management Training Program.
This project was funded by Switchmed in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and UN Environment Program.
The project was first initiated in the end of the year 2017, where the waste in the hotel industry was evaluated in 12 hotels and 17 restaurants from different classifications in Aqaba. It is worth mentioning that employees who work in those hotels were trained to calculate the quantity of waste and managing it using the proper methods. In addition to, capacity building activities which hosted many engineers and women of society in both Amman and Aqaba.
It is worth mentioning that EDAMA offered recommendations regarding the fixed fees that is calculated based on the area of the total area of the hotel, which will result into an incentive program that is fair and able to reduce the amount of calculated waste being produced from large institutions in Aqaba.