Shahed Shammout

Shahed wrote:

An internship at EDAMA goes as follows:

You email your CV to EDAMA. You get scheduled for an interview, and you immediately start preparing for it. At the interview, you are nervous; this is the opportunity you have been waiting for ever since you were a freshman, but then you are at ease because of the friendly souls that make up the EDAMA Team. You get the internship and it is a dream comes true.

You are now interning at EDAMA, the biggest EWE Organization in Jordan. You kick your day off with a welcoming meeting. You start working on your first task and it is then that you realize this is an internship at EDAMA is like no other; you will not be spending 7 hours a day bored out of your mind, staring at the wall in front of you. Instead, you will be busy, you will be heard from by the Team, and you will get the best insight you could ever hope for into the practical EWE work field. You will employ your theoretical knowledge, soft skills, and creative thinking into each task you are assigned to, whether you are working on an advocacy campaign with the Policy and Advocacy Department, or a report with the Research and Projects Departments. You will be getting supervision, support, and advice from the entire EDAMA team whether you are brainstorming with the Communication and Events Department or going through applications with the Training Department.

A month later, your internship will come to an end and you will feel bittersweet about it: you are happy for the vast knowledge you have gained yet you are sad your days at EDAMA are over. You will say goodbye to the EDAMA team one last time and you are thankful for everything they have taught you.

Now you can proudly say that you have interned at EDAMA.