Mohammad Athamneh

The Story

I started my internship at  EDAMA in August 2018 as my internship extended until  November 2018. I am a 22-year-old, Marketing fresh graduate from Jordan University. I have always been active, during my university years as I worked with Extensia, Saudi Air Lines and Jamalon

I also have previous volunteering experiences with Zain telecommunication, Jordan Green Building Council and his last internship was with EDAMA.


My stay at EDAMA as an intern assisted me in reaching my future career goals. I was able to gain knowledge about stakeholders in the energy, water and environment sector. Additionally, I was introduced to the basic steps to organize a high-level professional event, and how to convey oneself as an intern from the Public Relations and Events Department while communicating with officials in the sector.
Finally, I was able to gain general knowledge on time management and general needed organizational skills.