Dana Tamim

The Story

My name is Dana Tamim, a 4th year student in the field of water and environmental engineering at the German Jordanian university. I worked as an intern at EDAMA Association for 5 months under the supervision of EDAMA’s Project manager and business developer, Mrs. Lulwa Saffarini.

My experience in EDAMA was very beneficial and challenging. Working in an NGO, where everyone has to help each other to fulfill the tasks perfectly and get the best outcomes was a very rich experience.

Working at EDAMA gave me an insight on institutional work, and office work atmosphere. The way EDAMA team collaborates to achieve the association’s goals is remarkable. Weekly team meetings helped me understand the importance of setting aims and prioritizing my tasks. The work environment was positive and motivational, which made it easier to complete the tasks that were assigned to me.

The tasks that were assigned to me by my supervisor at EDAMA association, Lulwa Saffarini, were of high value to the association itself which made me understand the importance of the work I’m doing. The variety of assignments has also helped me learn and experience different workloads and varying office work fields.

On the whole, team members were so cooperative and understanding when it came to the work I’ve done. They gave constructive criticism when I made mistakes and showed their appreciation and approval in the work I’ve done well. I am thankful for the chance I had at EDAMA Association and I am looking forward to work again with its great team.