Round Table: Corporate Social Responsibility & Employment

March 12, 2019
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Round Table: Corporate Social  Responsibility & Employment

On 12 March 2019, Tuesday. EDAMA held a round table discussion, hosting H.E. Eng. Hala Zawati and highlighted significant points regarding CSR & Employment. Dr. Dureid Mahasneh chairman of EDAMA board; highlighted the importance of implementing CSR projects on behalf of the private sector, which will aid in protecting investors, and allows for an expansion of RE projects, finally, create a healthy investment environment.

H.E. Hala Zawati stressed that there is a high level of importance that the role of NGO’s play in this equation. In addition, the public-private sector relationship, as the public sector is currently inflated, the private sector must adopt an active role in recruitment.

It suffices to mention that, EDAMA has held a meeting hosting Round One developer for RE projects as they mentioned that they will be allocating funds for CSR aiming specifically at employment opportunities.

It is worth mentioning, that MEMR launched a unit under JREEF that specializes in CSR, which will be adopting employment as the main goal acting as a catalyst to accelerate the process.