EDAMA Moving Forward

May 30, 2019
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EDAMA Moving Forward

EDAMA held a round table discussion on Tuesday, 21 May 2019, entitled; EDAMA Moving Forward. The event hosted EDAMA members, and board of directors, over an open discussion to seek further possible points of collaboration among all the parties in the sector, and steps to be initiated in order to create new opportunities in the sector.

During the discussion it was stated that EDAMA will be conducting a study to pin point our members priorities and needs from the association in order to set up a plan to put all the needed plans and projects into action. Furthermore, we discussed the priorities and needs of the EWE sector and area EDAMA should be investing its efforts in.

Suffice to say that some significant topics were mentioned such as public transportation and its negative impact on the environment, were we should be addressing the intersection between both sectors, and how the advancement in the public transportation sector can positively affect the environment, it is important to begin planning towards an active engagement in contributing to an electrification strategy.

Furthermore, highlighting the importance of encouraging off grid systems, and working on general topics that directly affect end users, and can contribute to a considerable return on investment.

Finally, EDAMA will be holding a membership study, to look into a possible enhancement in EDAMA members interaction and involvement in the sector, additionally, reviewing the internal bylaws governed by official parties and applying the needed amendments which can be achieved through an irregular general assembly meeting.