Jordan Bromine Company


The Jordan Bromine Company (JBC) is the first and sole producer and manufacturer of bromine and bromine derivatives in Jordan. It was established in January 1999, as a joint venture between the Arab Potash Company and Albemarle Holdings LTD – a 100% affiliate of Albemarle Corporation; and registered as a private free-zone establishment in Safi, located in the South-Eastern area of the Dead Sea – Jordan, in June 2000. It currently has over 280 hired employees and is Jordan’s first company to become IMDG, ADR and IATA certified.

Since its inception, the Company has successfully established sales in more than 35 countries worldwide and became the first-of-its-kind company in Jordan to be an authorized exporter to Europe. JBC ensures that other products are safer, more resilient, cleaner and more efficient, by focusing on utmost efficiency in usages of water resources, energy and raw material, while adopting and adhering to the highest standards in terms of safety of its workers. 

JBC joined EDAMA because of the nature of its work and shared best practices with respect to the preservation of environment, energy and water resources in an organized and methodological manner that is comparable to world class practices. We also benefit from EDAMA’s ongoing support to its members, and its guidance towards developing and promoting renewable energy and efficient management of resources. 

One of the most important corporate social responsibilities (CSR) projects we have worked on, is supporting local communities and organizations that work on raising the standards of education, environment, health, youth, women empowerment, awareness and sports. For example, JBC has recently funded the construction of a girl’s school in Ghor-Al-Safi area with a capacity of 900 students – costing more than $3 Million. JBC also supports organizations that specialize in sustaining environmental, energy and water resources. Within this program, it recently funded the creation of a fully-equipped training room inside EDAMA, that would allow the latter to host future training workshops.

Mr. Ahmad Khalifeh

General Manager