Our Work

Policy Advocacy

EDAMA was established with the birth of the EWE economic sectors. We are proud to serve the sector and members’ priorities. We do so through the strong working relationships we have formed with various entities from the NGO, private and public sectors. Since then, we have been working with those partners to provide an enabling environment for the private sector to become competitive and innovative. These joint efforts have enabled Jordan to be one of the clean energy leaders in the region.

Today, EDAMA continues to build on its accumulated experiences within the clean energy sector. We seek to similarly tackle market opportunities in the other sectors.

Business Development

EDAMA believes that a dynamic green economic sector depends on the willingness of all sector players to work together to achieve a common goal. We work hard to cultivate an active network of highly qualified organizations and individuals in Jordan and around a world.

Business Networking

One of the key pillars EDAMA works on to develop the Energy, Water and Environment sector is Networking & Business Development. Networking is the most productive and efficient way to strengthen the social capital of the Energy, Water and Environment Sector. Since 2010, EDAMA has been organizing the only sector-specific Power Breakfasts in the Energy, Water and Environment sector as a way to encourage collaboration and inspire innovation within the sector.

Capacity Building

EDAMA’s Training Academy aims to bridge the skills and competencies gap in the Energy, Waster and Environment sectors by providing the highest quality of capacity building and development programs offered to members and non-members.

The Training Academy’s mission is to host and provide quality educational courses and professional development opportunities relating to the Energy, Water, and Environment (EWE) sectors in Jordan. Through the Academy, EDAMA aims to contribute to sector growth and help individuals and companies expand their knowledge base and areas of work.