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  • Who We Are

    EDAMA, an Arabic word meaning “sustainability”, is a Jordanian business association that seeks innovative solutions for energy and water independence. EDAMA Association is the first of its kind in Jordan, as it provides a platform for a large number of public, private and NGO sector representatives to discuss the future development of the Energy, Water and Environment sectors in Jordan with particular emphasis on renewable energy.
  • What We Do

    Policy Advocacy and Mainstreaming EDAMA advocates for and on behalf of the Energy, Water and Environment sectors to bring about change in policy, legislations and practices towards a more efficient and effective business climate for the aforementioned sectors to flourish.
  • What We Do

    Raising Awareness EDAMA believes that sustainable development and the transition towards a green economy are only possible through public awareness and behavioral change. EDAMA educates the public about Energy, Water and Environment sector issues, impacts and opportunities and raises awareness amongst various groups to foster a community of change-makers.
  • What We Do

    Networking and Business Development EDAMA believes in the power of communication and collaboration. It seeks to foster business linkages amongst its members and partners and facilitates access to a network of contacts and organizations in Jordan and around the world.
  • What We Do

    Capacity Building Human capital is at the heart of EDAMA's mission. We strive to provide world-class training for various target groups within the Energy, Water and Environment sectors to produce a competitive green workforce that anticipates and supports market needs.
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